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On Tuesday the 16th of February I went to a  Cricket tournament with some other people  that made it into the Reremoana girls Cricket team. We played at bruce pulman park. We made it straight into the finals because at the last minute Strathallan pulled out, and we were the champions last year so we made it straight Screenshot 2016-02-23 at 12.30.37 PM.pnginto the finals. We were going to be playing the school that won the game played before ours. The two teams that we could be playing were either Drury or Clevedon school. We ended up playing Clevedon in the end.

When we get on the field, we go stand in a postions. Brooke and I are opposite each other so when it was a over Brooke and I had to swap over, so Brooke would run to my position and I would run to Sam’s position. When I caught a ball it hurt my hands. It hurt really bad because it was a hard ball tournament.

When it was my our teams turn to bat we watched them score points. Sam didn’t bat but I did. When I went on the cricket pitch Lelani was at the other end waiting.  I went to wait for the bowler I had nerves rolling down my spine. The ball was coming at me and bang I hit the ball I got a four. A four means it went out of the boundary. Then the next time Lelani hit the ball and I made a run. Then the next time I hit the ball but we didn’t  get another run. Here comes the ball again and unfortunately it hits the wickets. So I was out.   

Then the Tournament was over and we thought we lost but guess what we won. Enjoyment was rushing through my veins and I was so happy that means we go onto the next tournament. That means we vs Rosehill intermediate, Manurewa intermediate and Pakuranga intermediate.

The Australian Sea Monster

King ball
king ball is a really fun p.e game it is about throwing balls at other people to get them out.

to get organized for the game you need to make 4 teams, you also need to get the equipment witch is cones and balls it is better to play with soft balls so people do not get hurt.You need to make 4 sqaures made out of cones.

the main rules you need to know is no cheating because your whole team will get out, there is no going out of the your squares because you will be out. When you're out u can play but can’t go into the square only on the outside.

playing the game is the funnest part, run around and try to dodge the balls that are being thrown at you it is pretty hard when you first start but you will get into it really fast.

king ball is a really fun game to play but when there are cheaters it is not fun so if you want the game to be fun do not cheat.

Here is a story about a little crazy boy named Regan who fell of a tramp at his friend's house when they were playing basket ball.How this happend is the net was oppen because we forgot to close it and he ended up cracking his head open and didn’t know and was putting his hand in it then saw all the blood on his hand.He was crying like crazy after that his friend Daniel was shouting out to his mom and dad.When they got there they saw the blood so his mom whent and got a wet flannel to put on my head and his dad was helping to get me into the car, he took me to the ANE so they could check what was wrong with my head and help me i thought that i was going to die but i wasent i was just over egsagerating it did hurt when they were puttin in they needles for my stiches because they were pocking holes in my head with a little needle it didn’t just hurt it felt funny when they were pulling my skin together but they had to be fast because they made my head num so that it obviasly felt funny and didn’t give to much pain me or either other people.I even still have the scar of the stiches on my head till this day.   

The boy who needed a change

The boy who needed a change  
There was once a young boy you had quite a terrible life. Ever since Conner was a young boy, he thought that he was different. He was never been able to remember what he has done, it is like his memories were swapped while he was sleeping. Conner can’t have a normal life because of this he has to be monitored every second of this life. He hates his life because he has to be watched and he can’t do what other kids can do and this makes him feel like he has no future because he can’t make normal decisions and most of all he can’t go out in the world and make mistakes. Conner tries non-stop to get out of this life he has tried begging, threatening, and even tried to flush himself down the toilet to escape. After all the failing Conner just gave up and started to just lose interest in life.

Image result for wolfOne night will Conner was sulking in bed the window suddenly opened and shoot rays of light at Conner and he started to change in ways you could not imagine. Fur shot out for his body, his eyes grew large and so did his teeth! He became a fearsome werewolf and started to run a muck in the city. he tore up cars, clawed the walls of houses and hurt his watchers and everyone you ever hurt him. Something strange happened as Conner was tearing up cars the sun came up and Conner did not change back into his human form he just turned into a wolf and walked off down the road. This was what Conner had been waiting for a break for his normal life and instead live a life of adventure and danger. Conner lived his life for many years without any problems. He became the leader of a wolf clan by day and a werewolf king by night. If you read about Conner to this day, you would know that he is a legend.

What I like --- Brooke


I love arts, crafts, decorating anything to do with washitape, DIY'S, photography, Paris and design. I absolutely love anything that has the pattern chevron in it. Yes people say that I am crazy about washi tape and chevron pattern but it's mostly true I think i'm a tiny bit obsessed, I have a piece of paper with chevron on my desk's pin board and decorated my book's, pens, pencils and even used it for labels. At home I used to have art competitions with my sister and cousins when they were over, I won them (well all but one when I had a broken finger). Since technology with Ms Fothergill I have loved photography and especially editing the photos. There is one stationary DIY I want to try, it's a binder organiser, maybe I could do it for high school, anyway it look's amazing and keeps all your paper's organised. Oh yeah, I love shopping too! 

This Is Who I Am

                    This Is Who I Am                                

Once I went on a ship named the Pacific Pearl it is quite amazing the insides of the ship is glowing. The pool is awesome and pretty cold.At night people sometimes put on hard waves. Also they have bingo but if you say you got it and don't you have to do the chicken dance. My granddads friend on the ship and won $1000 from bingo. The dinner there is great and free just how I like it. I met someone on the ship named Daniel I am still in touch with him.

*Building yachts
*I love playing on my computer

*I love to play clash of clans on my ipod

*Love fishing with my Mum and Dad *Love going to the beach

*I Don't like people making fun of me
*I hate getting hurt

* I hate losing games 

I have 5 members and I in my Family I have my Dog my Mum,Dad,Sister and Me.

Zac               Richard.
Zach        Mikhil.
Alex                Dan

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Man who locked people up for no reson

Once upon a time there was a police officer named Matt, he was just driving along until he sees a crime scene, “oh no a kid has fallen over”
Matt says I better go and help her before she gets more hurt, So Matt hopes out of the car with his lights on and puts the handcuffs on her for no particular reason, and takes her back to the police station, and locks her up in the sells when he doesn't even realise she’s innocent and has not done anything to harm anybody.

The next day

Matt is walking around trying to find any crimes until he sees a real crime scene and I mean a real crime scene were a lady was being beat to the ground by a maths equation because she couldn't figure out how much her clothes were when she was paying for all of them,and then Matt goes and locks up the shop keeper for no reason, and he sits in the cell with the little girl and they both are furious with Matt

The next hour.

Matt is in Auckland watching and being security at an All blacks game,
once the all blacks score he would always go onto the field and lock a player up until it was up to 2 players, Richie Mccaw, and Dan Carter,
And Matt yells out “Hey Reff there is only 2 players on the field, and the reff argues back “because you locked them up in jail”, so Matt went on the field and started to put handcuffs on the refs and put them in jail with the all Blacks and the shopkeeper and the little girl.

1 month later

Matt decides to let everybody in the cell go, and once he let them go they all jumped on top of him and attacked him, and for 3 months he was the one in hospital and sort of locked up in hospital because he can't move.
And that was the end of Matt and his life.And his reputation of working with the police

King ball

King ball
King ball is a game you play with a big group of people. You have to be honest when you play king ball or  your team sits down. when you throw the ball it has to be below the shoulders. It is a fun sport if it is played right. you don't have to be fit to play this  you just have to  be smart how you play because smartness beats bronze. You can dodge the ball, you can catch the ball and you can throw the ball to get people out.

Split your group into 4 teams. Choose your king and queen. Get ready in your four squares and start playing. You have to be honest if you get hit because if you are not honest then your whole team sits down.

Rule number 1 you can’t hit the people above the shoulders. Rule number 2 you can’t come out of your square. Rule number 3 If you're hit you're out. Rule number four If you fumble the ball you're out. Rule number five is  you get hit on the head you are not out. Rule number six is listen.

King ball is a very fun game to play and you can play with a big group of people. It includes many different types of rules. You will enjoy this game if it is played game. King ball is about enjoying yourself and a little bit about competition.

King ball is a very fun game to play. You will love the game king ball. If you play king ball you will  realise it is the best game ever. King ball in my opinion is a great fun game to play with your friends. I have seen all kinds of people play king ball. So next time when you play king ball enjoy yourself.

King Ball

King Ball Is A game where you throw a soft big ball to try to get the other teams out. There are four squares and you're in one of them each square is a team so there are four teams if you get hit in your square then you are out but you're not completely out you can go on the outskirts and try to get a ball that someone has missed  and goes out then you throw at the other squares. If you head shot someone there out if you do it three times your whole team is out. If your whole team gets hit with a ball at the start of the game you pick a King and Queen there purpose is that if your whole team is out they try to stay in but if they get out your hole teams out. If you get hit by a ball and don't go out if someone sees you CHEAT and tells a teacher/parent there whole team is out. King ball is a very fun game if played fair and right it’s great to play this game in schools because it's a fun enjoying game so if you’re bored grab your friends and play some King ball.

How To Play Cricket

Cricket is a fun and competitive game for any gender but you will need a team to play you will need a couple of fielders(depends on how many people there are) 2 batters 1 bowler an umpire and some subs if the players get hurt.

In cricket you will need to set the equipment up you will need two wickets some cricket balls two bats cones for boundaries.
You will need to follow some rules like listen to your coach and when the wickets get hit you're out and wicket keeper can’t go where the fielders are.
Now it’s time to play the game so let the coach decide who is on or off if you get subbed off don’t be mad you will be back on shortly If you are the bowler throw the ball at a speed the batter would be able to hit it at.A new cricket ball

In the end when you learn the whole game it starts to get easier.

this is a game for any gender just make sure your you don’t break the rules.  
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Monday, 22 February 2016

Colgate games

Colgate game

Image result for colgate games
On your marks get set bang. In the January holidays of 2016 I went to Palmerston North to compete in the North Island colgate games for athletics, It was also my first time.

My Grandma from Greymouth came up and my Mum and Dad were there to support me. I ran the 400m, 800m, 1500m and Discus and no I didn’t place in top 3 for anything but it’s alright because it was a great experience. One thing I learned from Colgate games is the competition is tough!

To tell you more about Colgate is it lasts about 3 days and any club from the North Island can go and you also have to be registered in a club I represtiend Papakura athletics club. However if you live in the South Island there is a South Island Colgte games too.

Even though it was my first time I would love to go again and recommend it to any athlete, if you would like to register it is in 2017.

Week 3 PB4L Focus!

(Week 3 Reremoana School TV Show)


Cricket, Cricket, Cricket just thinking about it  makes me have butterflies in my tummy.
Cricket is a amazing sport it is for girls and boys. When you play cricket you have to think a lot and don’t day dream off into your own little world.


Bowling is a very important part of Cricket because you have to try and hit the wickets so the batsman is out. When you bowl you have to make sure you don’t bowl heaps and heaps of wides because if you do bowl heaps of wides you do then your team is basically out. Bowling is meantley hard on your shoulder blades.

Batting is a very important part of Cricket because you score a lot of the points and you have to guard the wickets. In batting you mostly use a pool shoot and a block shot. You use a pool shot when the cricket ball is not coming at the wickets. You use a block shot when the cricket ball is coming right at the wickets you do a Block shot so you don't get out. When you don't bat and your teammate is batting you tell your teammate when to run.


Fielding is a very important part of cricket. When you field it is important you don't day dream away. When you field you don't want to catch the ball the wrong way all you could brake your fingers. Fielding has a lot of diffrent postions. When you are opposite someone when it is a over you swap sides to where the other person you were opposite to.

Cricket is amazing game to play with your team or your friends or even with family