Thursday, 4 February 2016

WIN_20151220_18_15_55_Pro.jpg A little bit about me!! I’m a awesome person that have a lot of friends and a lucky life. Every day I help my mum and my dad with the washing and the house, I go to Ruakaka to a batch that my cousins own during the holidays it’s really fun down there but it’s not fun when the jelly fish are down there. I love sport and soccer is my most favourite, basketball is one of my least favourite.As most of you might know I have one nine year old brother and a mum living with my dad.
We don't have any pets yet.

This is my family

WIN_20160204_08_05_27_Pro.jpgMy Mum            WIN_20160204_08_04_19_Pro.jpgWIN_20160204_08_04_32_Pro.jpg

                                   My Dad                                            My Brother      


And me

My Mum works at J.J Richards. Her work is all about bins that people can buy or rent, but they are expensive bins. My mum works upstairs in the heat and she hates it but she will get use to it.

My Dad works at the airport police station 24/7 he hardly comes home like my mum I only see them on the weekends the mornings and the afternoon. my dad has a very important job he can't miss the trainings unless he is sick or something and he can arrest people from different countries bringing in drugs or alcohol that aren't licensed in this country.

Now for the annoyingest person in the world my little brother Dylan, he loves rugby, he has been playing rugby since he was 6, it’s fun to watch him get tackled to the ground but for some reason he wants to play rugby legue

I love soccer, last weekend I did a counties tournament  it was hot and I almost died when I was playing I still stopped 7 trys and scored 3 during those 2 days. My hobbies are sport, friends, school, and collaborate.New-Zealand-Warriors-nrl-29425347-1024-768.jpg
I love the NRL auckland nines and my favorite teams are the Skycity Warriors,and the sydney Rabbitohs, MY FAV NRL TEAM THE RABBITOHS.jpg

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