Wednesday, 3 February 2016

All about me

My family is the best family I could have asked for. My families names are Marc (brother), Steve (Dad) and Caroline (Mum). Marc likes video games mainly his favourite is Minecraft and his favourite food is sushi. My Dad’s favourite thing is actually building and watching sport. The most strangest person in the family is my mum she basically likes everything men like.
Me and my brother was born in middlemore hospital (where my mum works) and since I was born I was a full Auckland Blues fan. I have been living my whole life in Wattle Downs. My Dad grew up in Papatoetoe and he was a blues fan from the start as well. My Mum though grew up in Otorohanga and is the only one in our family that is a Chiefs fan.
When I got out for dinner the only sentence I say before is can we go to eat is can we go to Nandos because it is my favourite place to eat dinner especially with peri-peri sauce. I have been playing cricket for 6 years now and it is my favourite sport last year when I was playing for Weymouth I got best bowler for my team and for the junior club but I play for Manukau now. My favourite video game right now is probably call of duty black ops 3 mainly because it practises my aiming when i’m doing air rifles and aiming games. cricket1.png

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  1. We have something incommon Jared we have both love Nandos.