Thursday, 11 February 2016

All About Me

99E6966D-5688-4C7D-8F0E-0F2CABC105FA.JPGMy name is Tyrone and I have one older sibling and his name is Benjamin ( otherwise known as Bj ) a mum and dad, I live in wattle downs and I have a two story house with an in ground pool which I like to swim in. My hobbies are playing soccer and I like running. I don’t have any pets even though I would like to haveAD11B8BA-3DC8-4763-8E83-AAE63F7A7642.JPG
one, I have quite a lot of friends. I don’t have any allergies which I’m glad about, and last but not least I am a Jehovah's witness.2323542E-012A-43F8-8109-EF412DD8969F.JPG


  1. I love how you added great pics and lots of them also you added different photos and not about the same thing looks like you have had lots of fun

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  3. Nice work Tyrone! I think we can all tell you like the great outdoors! :)

    Lewis P