Thursday, 4 February 2016

All about me

Hi my name Zac.N and I am a family of 4 my Mum, my Dad and my brother Gabe. My family also has two cats Bolt and Indy, they are both domestic cats. My mum like to read and stitch/sew. My Dad likes to play video games on his ps4. My brother likes hanging out with his friends. I like to play video games with my Dad on mine and his ps3. Also our family loves bacon.
My great great grandad was fully Indian and now I am a 32 Indian and I am also Australian because my popa is Australian.

My hobbies are eating lots of food and playing ps3 and playing board games with my family such as five crowns monopoly empire and playing     basketball for the school.Holding lizards snakes and tortoises.Also I like doing high jump in Athletics  


  1. I also have a kitten named Indy! [:)+=

  2. Nice work Zak, I liked how you mentioned that you also do spend time with your family.