Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ben's Cricket

How to play cricket

The first thing you need to play cricket is a wicket and bat a cricket ball and if you want to a cricket glove.

There are two teams one is the fields and one is the batters they both have important jobs.

How to set up the game

There is one batter in the middle of wherever you are playing The wickets are all ways behind the batter the area that you have to run is around 1,2 meters long
there is at least 4 fielders but if you want to play with three people you still can but it's a bit harder for the fielder.

The Batters job

Batters job is to whack the ball as hard as they can when the ball comes to you from the bowler after they whack it they have to run like 1,2 meters away from where they hit (You mark the area out where they have to run to) if the fielders get the ball and hit the wicket you’re out but if you are where you battered from and they hit the wickets you are not out you are safe.

The Fielder's job

The Fielder’s job is to catch the ball or get the ball and try to get it back to the wickets and hit the wickets with the batters not there
but if they are there it doesn't count if the fielder’s catch the ball on the full the batter is out or if it bounces once and then you catch it with one hand there out to.
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