Sunday, 21 February 2016

Cricket an amazing game

Cricket is a wonderful game. It is based around batting and bowling, you need maximum of ten players if you are playing properly. When you are batting you want to get the most runs you can get and the fielders want to stop the other team from getting a lot of runs. You need a pair of wickets, a ball ,a bat and a boundary so you no where to get the most runs. that’s all you need to set up a game.

These are some of the rules. A no ball in cricket is when you either step over the crease (a line that the batters go by to make sure there bat doesn’t hit the wickets.) Wide’s are what every bowler hates because they mainly get it and you have to ball another bowl and the worse part about no balls and wides the opposite team gets an extra run. What every batter strives to achieve is to get is a 4 or 6 because it gives you the most runs and it could even win you a game.
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Some batting rules are if the ball hits the stumps when the bowler bowls the stumps you are out and if you a out of your crease and it hits the stumps you are out that way to. If you want to hit the ball far you got to try hit the ball where to widest bit of the  bat. To get runs without hitting a 4 or 6 you have to run between the wickets, you have a batting partner that when you or they want to run you have to swap sides without letting the ball hit the wickets if it does you are out.
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When you get a catch on the foul the batter that hit the ball is out if it drops right by your hands the batter isn’t out. The wicketkeeper is one of the most important roles because some time if they are really bad then your team is likely to lose because a couple miss catches from your keeper and then the other team might have a massive chance. Bowling is another important role in cricket because if you get tonnes of wickets you are likely to win.

This is a really fun game and I recommend you playing it for a club because if you do you will get to release all your anger (if you have any.) You can release your anger by hitting a six or bowling really fast.  

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