Wednesday, 24 February 2016



On Tuesday the 16th of February I went to a  Cricket tournament with some other people  that made it into the Reremoana girls Cricket team. We played at bruce pulman park. We made it straight into the finals because at the last minute Strathallan pulled out, and we were the champions last year so we made it straight Screenshot 2016-02-23 at 12.30.37 PM.pnginto the finals. We were going to be playing the school that won the game played before ours. The two teams that we could be playing were either Drury or Clevedon school. We ended up playing Clevedon in the end.

When we get on the field, we go stand in a postions. Brooke and I are opposite each other so when it was a over Brooke and I had to swap over, so Brooke would run to my position and I would run to Sam’s position. When I caught a ball it hurt my hands. It hurt really bad because it was a hard ball tournament.

When it was my our teams turn to bat we watched them score points. Sam didn’t bat but I did. When I went on the cricket pitch Lelani was at the other end waiting.  I went to wait for the bowler I had nerves rolling down my spine. The ball was coming at me and bang I hit the ball I got a four. A four means it went out of the boundary. Then the next time Lelani hit the ball and I made a run. Then the next time I hit the ball but we didn’t  get another run. Here comes the ball again and unfortunately it hits the wickets. So I was out.   

Then the Tournament was over and we thought we lost but guess what we won. Enjoyment was rushing through my veins and I was so happy that means we go onto the next tournament. That means we vs Rosehill intermediate, Manurewa intermediate and Pakuranga intermediate.

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