Thursday, 18 February 2016


Cricket another ball sport that you play with 11 people on the field and 1 reserve. Cricket can be played two ways Hard ball or Incrediball. Be aware that the ball is not very soft and some real bad accidents has happened in the past.

To play you need to have wickets, bats, balls,gloves, pads, box, thigh pads and helmets.You also need to have people and coaches to coach the team and do subs. Umpires to make the game fair.

The main rules are If you hit the ball over the white line without bouncing it would be a six and if it bounces before the white line it’s a four.  There is a certain line you have to bowl in if you pass step over the line it’s a no ball. If you drop the ball after you have caught the ball is a no catch.
Cricket fielding - Public
Now you can the play the game and  have fun for the day but beware it can hurt if you get hit by the ball because it isn’t very soft.

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