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Image result for work togetherCricket is game that requires collaboration and a great attitude, it is super active and super enjoyable. Playing the game means that you must be able to communicate to your teammates, the more you communicate, the more you will learn about them and put them in positions suitable for them. The best way to pick up the game and the rules, is to play the game and learn from other people.

Image result for sports clothesTo play cricket, you would need to have the right gear and wear the appropriate clothing. To play, you would need wickets, cricket balls or tennis ball and a bat. Leg guards, helmets. and gloves are optional, but if you don’t need or want them then that’s fine. Wearing the right clothing is ideal, you wouldn’t want to play in a dress or something that you could get hot in really easily. So you should put on something comfortable and something ideal for sports.

When playing Cricket, in order to have fun, you must listen to the referee. Playing fair is the key because that is showing you have great sportsmanship and initiative. If you don't think something is right or you just don't know what to do, it is good to ask questions so that you understand better. Remember to play fair, for example, if you did not catch the ball and nobody saw, don’t say that you caught it. Just play fair by having fun and doing the right thing, don’t argue or pick fights with your teammates or the referee.

Batting is fun and easy to pick up. First, if you have multiple cricket bats, you must pick the correct one for you, if you have just one, that is totally fine. If you are right handed, place your left hand at the top of the handle towards your 
Image result for cricket batstoe, with your right hand under. Use your thumbs and forefingers to form a “V” between the outside edge and center of the bat which points towards the toe of the bat.  If you are right handed, stand sideways with your left shoulder facing towards the bowler, remember to spread your feet apart so that you have space. Then lift your arms up and swing as hard or soft as you want. If you are left handed, do the opposite or do whatever you feel comfortable with.

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Bowling takes hard work and dedication, to hold the ball, make bunny ears with your index finger and middle finger. Use your thumb, ring finger and pinkie as support. To bowl, face straight and have your left arm in front of you and the right arm behind you. Taking a step forward, pull your left arm down and have your right arm follow through, let go of the ball once your right arm is in the air. A good tip is that If you are more comfortable with doing the opposite with your arms, feel free . If you have done it right, you should be in an open stance facing right.

Fielding is really important and pretty straight forward, your job is to catch the ball to get the person batting, out! To get the person who is batting out, you could either catch the ball with two hands, or let the ball bounce once and then catch it with one hand. If you know that the person next to bat will hit pretty hard, a good idea would be to run to a place where you think you could catch the ball or get close to it so that you make it easier to throw or catch the ball. To field, your team will have to spread out around the field and keep an eye on the ball.

Just remember that if you want to play Cricket, you must have and wear the right gear, have the right equipment and be honest. You also have to be a leader by putting people in their suitable positions, go with the flow and have fun!

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