Monday, 22 February 2016


Cricket, Cricket, Cricket just thinking about it  makes me have butterflies in my tummy.
Cricket is a amazing sport it is for girls and boys. When you play cricket you have to think a lot and don’t day dream off into your own little world.


Bowling is a very important part of Cricket because you have to try and hit the wickets so the batsman is out. When you bowl you have to make sure you don’t bowl heaps and heaps of wides because if you do bowl heaps of wides you do then your team is basically out. Bowling is meantley hard on your shoulder blades.

Batting is a very important part of Cricket because you score a lot of the points and you have to guard the wickets. In batting you mostly use a pool shoot and a block shot. You use a pool shot when the cricket ball is not coming at the wickets. You use a block shot when the cricket ball is coming right at the wickets you do a Block shot so you don't get out. When you don't bat and your teammate is batting you tell your teammate when to run.


Fielding is a very important part of cricket. When you field it is important you don't day dream away. When you field you don't want to catch the ball the wrong way all you could brake your fingers. Fielding has a lot of diffrent postions. When you are opposite someone when it is a over you swap sides to where the other person you were opposite to.

Cricket is amazing game to play with your team or your friends or even with family

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