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Cricket is a game where you learn to have good catching coordination and throwing skills . Here are some steps on how to play Cricket….

Firstly Getting organized: To get organized for cricket you need all the equipment like wickets, bats and a cricket ball. There needs to be two teams one team bats and the other team fields and there also needs to be a bowler.

Secondly Rules: Here are some rules on how to play cricket; when you bowl you need to make sure you throw the ball towards the wickets so that if they don’t hit the ball they will be out then the next batter will come up. When batting at least stay 3 or 4 steps in front of the wickets so your bat doesn’t sing back and hit them. Last when you're fielding soon as the ball starts coming down quickly grab the ball and then throw it straight to the bowler so they don’t get so many runs.

Thirdly Play the game: when you play cricket next time you will know what to do and when.

Cricket basically is a game where it requires physical fitness and good catching, batting and throwing skills and remember next time when you play you focus on the ball.

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