Thursday, 18 February 2016


Image result for CricketCricket is a fun and enjoyable game that does not take a lot of skill to play. Cricket is a fun game to play with your family and classmates. It is a fun way to show your skills with a bat a ball.
There are a specific set of rules in a game of cricket and the game can’t be played if they are disobeyed. The easiest way to listen to the rules is by listening to the umpire and making sure you're in the right place at the right time. There are lots of rules in a proper game of cricket, but I only know a two. If you are bowling and you hit the wicket the batter is out immediately.           

The batter is the person in a game of cricket with a lot of stress on their hands. The batter has to hit the ball that the bowler throws at them and try and hit it to get some points. The highest amount of points you can get is 6 and you can get this by hitting it out of the park or on the roof. The batter is out if he is caught out by the other team or if the bowler hits the wicket.     

The bowler has the job of trying to stop the batter from hitting the ball and trying to  get them out by hitting the wicket. When the bowler throws the ball he will try to make the ball hard for the batter to hit either so the ball hits the wicket or the fielders can hit the ball.      
When you are a fielder you have to try and catch the ball the the batter hits to try and get them out. A fielder doesn't have to just catch the batters ball they have to aide the bowler in hitting the wicket. The fielders can't hit the wicket but they can pass it to the bowler.

If you understand the rules and how to bat,bowl, and field you will be able to succeed in a game of cricket. Cricket can be a fun game that you can play with family members and it’s a cool game to play at school with your friends.   

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  1. I really like how you put the GIFs in your explanation. They could really help people to understand cricket more.