Wednesday, 17 February 2016



Image result for cricketCricket is a game that girls and boys can both play, also it requires to have the right gear on, and  have a positive attitude, also be in a team with your friends or other people that you don’t know and also it will be a perfect opportunity to get to know them.

Image result for cricketTeamwork is very important for the team and also to play this game you only need a few things which are bats, hard balls, a wicket, cones, 2 teams. On each team there must be 11 players in a team but obviously one person will be sitting out if that team is fielding.
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When batting you must hold the bat the right way, when bowling hold the ball in your hands with bunny ears 2 fingers on the seam and the thumb at the bottom and when fielding catch it with 2 or 1 hands.

If you get a good ball then you block it and if it’s a bad ball then hit as hard as you can to score more runs.

Also remember to follow the rules and be prepared for anything that comes your ways so follow the rules and have fun.

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  1. Good explanation, I like all the photos you added.