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Cricket is a head game, yes It involves physical movement and technique but Cricket is also a game for boys and girls however it is a great game to play with family and friends on a summer day.

The equipment you will need is two wickets any kind of ball and a bat but most importantly Pads to protect yourself and a helmet. Grab as many players as you want and make it work fairly.

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To play the cricket you will need a bowler two batters and a wicketkeeper. The bowler will bowl the ball and try to hit the wicket but one of the batters will be standing in front of the wicket as the other will is on the other side in front of the other wicket. 
The batter on the other side is getting ready to run incase the batter hits good ball. What the wicket keeper does is stands behind the wicket the bowler is facing and catches any ball the batter has missed. Now for the fielders, the fielders will be spread out on the field ready to catch any ball the come their way. If a fielder or anyone on the opposite team catches the ball before it bounces the batter is out. If the batter bats the ball the two batters will run to the opposite wicket and keep running before the ball returns to the bowler or wicketkeeper to get them out. While the batters run the fielders will run and get the ball pass it to the wicket keeper of the bowler to get the batters out.

Overall Cricket is a great sport that keeps you in the sun It is a great way to be active and focused with family.   



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