Sunday, 21 February 2016


Cricket requires concentration and commitment.Cricket is a very active and fun game to play,Collaborating with your team is very important when it comes to cricket.Remember give it your best and go for it!!.

Getting started is pretty straight forward all you  need is the  right gear and clothing on, a cricket bat,wickets and a cricket ball.To get started make sure you have two teams,One out fielding and the other batting.

When it comes to batting make sure you hold the bat in the correct position, flat side facing the field and curved side facing wicket.

If your are a bowler, hold the top of the ball with  fingers and the bottom with your thumb.When you’re about to bowl jump off your left and land on your right and as you are landing move your arm straight and flat around your head  and as your arm comes down release the ball.

If your team has been put out to field spread out and always watch the ball, you never know it could be coming to you and any time.To get the batter out you can catch the ball without it dropping or it could bounce once and you can still get the batter out but you need to catch it with one hand after it bounces!.

Cricket is a fun and amazing  game to play.Make sure you always give it your go and do your best, you never know we might end up seeing you playing for the black caps.

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