Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Explanation on cricket

Explanation on how to play cricket

Cricket is a fun game for everyone to play and to have fun with, You need a batsmen, a bowler, 2 teams one fielding and one batting. It depends how many overs you have you can have 8 overs or 4 overs and once all of those overs are done that means the game is otherwise finished or the next teams time to bat and try and score runs, every time that there is an over then your team can switch their positions or stay where they already are so that there is no mucking around.

Boundaries are something where you get extra points if you hit it over the boundary, if you hit it over the 4 boundary then that equals a six so six points for the team. Overs are something that happens in cricket in each over that means that the fielders change there bowlers and you can change the fielders positions or they can stay where they are.

The game is pretty simple all you gotta do is hit the ball and
try and get sixes and fours so try and get it over the boundaries, if you are in too long for batting then you retire from batting for the day and no more batting for this person.
If you bowl a wide ball (that means if it goes of the pitch) then that is a free run (an extra point to the batters), to win you otherwise need to get ten people out or get more runs than the other team.

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