Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Here is a story about a little crazy boy named Regan who fell of a tramp at his friend's house when they were playing basket ball.How this happend is the net was oppen because we forgot to close it and he ended up cracking his head open and didn’t know and was putting his hand in it then saw all the blood on his hand.He was crying like crazy after that his friend Daniel was shouting out to his mom and dad.When they got there they saw the blood so his mom whent and got a wet flannel to put on my head and his dad was helping to get me into the car, he took me to the ANE so they could check what was wrong with my head and help me i thought that i was going to die but i wasent i was just over egsagerating it did hurt when they were puttin in they needles for my stiches because they were pocking holes in my head with a little needle it didn’t just hurt it felt funny when they were pulling my skin together but they had to be fast because they made my head num so that it obviasly felt funny and didn’t give to much pain me or either other people.I even still have the scar of the stiches on my head till this day.   

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