Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A little about me Hayley

Hi I am  Hayley aka Brownies, Hailz as most of you know,  I live with my Mum, Dad  brother and two cats and two dogs.

A little about me Hayley:
I was born in 2004, I am eleven turning twelve in October. I love sports more thanything. My favourite sport would be Netball. My hobbies are Reading ,sport, playing with my brother and writing. I have been at Reremoana school for seven years. Guess what year I started. In 2012 I came second for speeches.

I love fitness most of the time. I love bows I get one every week.

A little about my Mum  

My Mum´s name is Jillian, she was born in 1987. My mum is 29 years old. She loves netball, Soccer. My Mum has two siblings, the eldest in my Mum's family is my aunty Nicci her name is Nicola the youngest in her family is my aunty Danielle.

A little about my Dad
My Dad´s name is Royce he was born in 1984. He loves Rugby, Netball, Cricket, N.R.L aka National Rugby league his favorite team is the tigers.

My Dad is a store manager of New World southmall, my dad's goals are to be a store owner. My Dad is 32 years old. My dad has one brother called kerry aka uncle.

A little about my cute brother Blake

My Brother was born in May the third. He is 3 turning four in may.  My brother goes to Clayton park kindy, he loves tractors, toy cars lightning mcqueen. My brother loves running. There is a program he likes it´s called Bernard.

A little more about me, I have love surfing since I was very little.
I also went to America when I was three and eleven .

So this is me, hope you learned more about me.
Oh and the little girl in this pic is my cousin in America here name is Lexi

By Hayley


  1. Great job, I love all the photos you did.

  2. wow Hayley I never knew you get bows every week.