Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How To Play Cricket

Cricket is a fun and competitive game for any gender but you will need a team to play you will need a couple of fielders(depends on how many people there are) 2 batters 1 bowler an umpire and some subs if the players get hurt.

In cricket you will need to set the equipment up you will need two wickets some cricket balls two bats cones for boundaries.
You will need to follow some rules like listen to your coach and when the wickets get hit you're out and wicket keeper can’t go where the fielders are.
Now it’s time to play the game so let the coach decide who is on or off if you get subbed off don’t be mad you will be back on shortly If you are the bowler throw the ball at a speed the batter would be able to hit it at.A new cricket ball

In the end when you learn the whole game it starts to get easier.

this is a game for any gender just make sure your you don’t break the rules.  
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