Thursday, 18 February 2016

How to play cricket

Cricket is a fun game to play in the summer, at school or at home. If you are competitive, cricket is a good game to play. The aim of cricket is to try and get as many runs as possibly, catch as many balls as you can, try not to get out, and try to get your team to win.

In cricket the rules are very simple. If your team is fielding you need some bowlers and fielders. If one team is fielding, then the other team is batting. There will be 2 batsmen on the pitch at a time. If you are playing hard ball cricket, you need shinpads gloves and a helmet to be able to play. If the bowler bowls a wide then the batting team gets and extra run, but if they bowl on the pitch there is no extra runs for the other team. When the batsmen go to hit the ball the bowler bowled and they hit the wickets, then the batsman on that end of the wickets is out, but the other one stays in. When the batsmen hit the ball and decided to run,  the fielding team can try and hit the wickets while they’ll still running. But if the batsmen are still running, and the fielding hit the wickets, the batsmen who is running to the end they hit, will be out. You also need a wicket keeper to try and get people out, and if you don’t have one you will be asked to get one before the game begins. There's one other rule, you must wear shoes at all times when playing cricket.

If you want to play a cricket game you will need the equipment for it. To play cricket  you need to have two teams to be able to play. It will require a ball, choose what sort of ball you what to use,hard ball,increda ball or soft ball. If you decide you want to play with a hard ball, it is required to wear a helmet, shin pads, gloves and a bat.  If you are playing with an incredi ball or a softball you just need a bat and a ball and as always you need some wickets. Before you play your game you should have a line up.

To play cricket is very easy. If your team is fielding, there will be 11 players spread out on the fielded your team will be playing on. Amongst those 11 players, they will have some bowlers to bowl and a wicket keeper. If one of the batsmen hit the ball, and one of the fielders catch it, that batsmen who hit it is out. Another thing is that, who ever is batting needs to make sure they don’t hit the wickets, because 1) they’ll be out and 2) the other team will get and extra point. If you are batting, you need to try and hit it as far as you can, because you will get more runs. If you hit far, bowl good balls and catch some balls,   you have a good chance of winning your game.

Now it makes it that much easier to play, because you know the rules, the equipment required and how to play cricket. Over all cricket is a fun game to play.

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