Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How To Play King Ball - Lewis

Kingball is a fun competitive game that can be played by anyone fit or not fit, as long as you follow the very few rules then you will have a blast. They say the great outdoors for a reason.

The equipment needed for the game to be successful is (6x dodge balls, 10 cones, and at-least 10 players each side.) To set up you need to half a field area, mark it with cones and volleyballs going through the center line.

Just a tip people ''are most likely to enjoy king-ball in low wind zones''!

1. To get another person out in the opposite team you must hit them with the ball below the shoulders or else you will be out.
2. When the adult blows the whistle to must bob down until they blow the whistle again.
3. If the teacher says your out YOUR OUT.
4. Be aware your team may sit out of the game if a pupil cheats...
To start the game you need to pick 1 king and 1 queen, there role is to stand in the corner and wait till zero team members are remaining then they have to try and save the team.
To play the game, like I said you have to dodge the other person out with the ball below the shoulders.

If you get hit you must go stand around the boundary of the game and continue to through the ball from the there.
Another tip - dodge a person out at a time they aren't loaded with a ball.
Over all kingball is a great game and if you follow the recent instructions you will enjoy the game as much as we do...

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