Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How to play kingball

Explanation on how to play king ball
What you need: 4 cones, squishy balls,

Kingball is a really fun game to play and here is an explanation on kingball
Kingball is a nice game to play with your class or any body there are 4 squares that have 4 teams in it, if any body gets out then they can't go back in unless the next round is on but iis you're not honest then your whole team is out for the rest of that round.

The rules.

The rules are the most important thing for kingball, the rules are you have to be honest
and  not go out when you have been hit, If you have gotten hit then you’re out but when
your out  you are allowed to get other people out but not from your team. If you cheat your whole team has to sit down and wait till the next round.

In kingball you have to think should I be positive and play by the rules so that nobody gets out and stays in, or should I be negative and let your whole inter team let down, in this game you have to think about that to be positive or negative because i would choose positive so nobody gets angry at you and we have a fun game.
To get points you have to be positive if you win the round then you get 10 points if you get 2nd then you get 6 points, 3rd you get 4, last you get 2.

How to play kingball, Well kingball is a very easy game to play all you do is that you throw the ball at other people,and if you're out you are allowed to throw the ball from the sideline so you can get other people out of the game, if your whole class gets out then the king and queen come in and play but if they get out then your class has to sit down in your box.

So there is the explanation on kingball good luck playing kingball

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