Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Introducing myself

Hello my name is Jessika.
As most of you might know I have one nine year old brother and a mum living with my dad.
We don't have any pets yet.
I love soccer, last weekend I did a counties tournament  it was hot and I almost died when I was playing I still stopped 7 trys and scored 3 during those 2 days. My hobbies are sport, friends, school, and collaborate.New-Zealand-Warriors-nrl-29425347-1024-768.jpg
I love the NRL auckland nines and my favorite teams are the Skycity Warriors,and the sydney Rabbitohs, MY FAV NRL TEAM THE RABBITOHS.jpg

WIN_20151220_18_15_55_Pro.jpg A little bit about me!! I’m a awesome person that have a lot of friends and a lucky life. Every day I help my mum and my dad with the washing and the house, I go to Ruakaka to a batch that my cousins own during the holidays it’s really fun down there but it’s not fun when the jelly fish are down there. I love sport and soccer is my most favourite, basketball is one of my least favourite.WIN_20160204_08_05_27_Pro.jpg

This is my family

My Mum            WIN_20160204_08_04_19_Pro.jpgWIN_20160204_08_04_32_Pro.jpg

                                   My Dad                                            My Brother      


And me

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