Tuesday, 16 February 2016

King ball
king ball is a really fun p.e game it is about throwing balls at other people to get them out.

to get organized for the game you need to make 4 teams, you also need to get the equipment witch is cones and balls it is better to play with soft balls so people do not get hurt.You need to make 4 squares made out of cones.

the main rules you need to know is no cheating because your whole team will get out, there is no going out of the your squares because you will be out. When you're out u can play but can’t go into the square only on the outside.

playing the game is the funnest part, run around and try to dodge the balls that are being thrown at you it is pretty hard when you first start but you will get into it really fast.

king ball is a really fun game to play but when there are cheaters it is not fun so if you want the game to be fun do not cheat.

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