Monday, 15 February 2016

King Ball

King Ball

king ball  requires squishy balls, 4 classes and cones.To get started you’ll need to make 4 squares with the cones, make sure that you make the squares big enough so a whole class can fit.

In the game king ball there are 3 main rules. The first rule is make sure if you get hit by the ball you go out because if a teacher sees that you are still in and you got out your whole team is disqualified.The second rule is make sure you only hit someone below there shoulders, if a head shot is made then the student who got hit is not out.
Once the teacher or adult blows the whistle you a required to bob down and be silent.The reasons a Teacher or adult blows the whistle is to tell you that a class is out or king and queen needs to come in. A king and queen needs to be a boy and a girl who  are your two strongest players that come in once your whole class is out.

To play the game king ball you king a queen gets a ball before the game starts.Once the whistle has blown you start dodging balls from the teacher.Once you have been hit you now go out of the squares and play from there.

If you play kingball make sure you are honest and respectful to other players.Kingball is a fun, energetic and strategy game.

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