Sunday, 14 February 2016

king ball

 King ball

King ball is a dodgeball game that can includes as many people as you want it is a great games to play with a bunch of friends especially with class or sport teams.

To set up your games you will need four even squares and 8 balls but a couple more if teachers want to play.

The most important rules of dodge ball is throw the ball below the shoulders, choose a king and queen witch is a boy and  girl ( by the way, ) If you get hit you can still play and do not go out of your squere if your not out.

Now to explane the whole game, your group will be split up into four teams, the four teams will have 2 players at the back called king and queen. King and queen stay at the back untill the whole team is out beacause they got hit by a balls. When you get hit you carry on playing on the side lines trying to get other teams out, not your team. Whenever the whole team is out king and queen are the target once they get hit by that ball the team sits down. One thing that is very inportent is honesty if someone ctachest you cheating the whole team sits down and gets no points.

I hope you know how to play this fun games and good luck!!!

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