Tuesday, 23 February 2016

King ball

King ball
King ball is a game you play with a big group of people. You have to be honest when you play king ball or  your team sits down. when you throw the ball it has to be below the shoulders. It is a fun sport if it is played right. you don't have to be fit to play this  you just have to  be smart how you play because smartness beats bronze. You can dodge the ball, you can catch the ball and you can throw the ball to get people out.

Split your group into 4 teams. Choose your king and queen. Get ready in your four squares and start playing. You have to be honest if you get hit because if you are not honest then your whole team sits down.

Rule number 1 you can’t hit the people above the shoulders. Rule number 2 you can’t come out of your square. Rule number 3 If you're hit you're out. Rule number four If you fumble the ball you're out. Rule number five is  you get hit on the head you are not out. Rule number six is listen.

King ball is a very fun game to play and you can play with a big group of people. It includes many different types of rules. You will enjoy this game if it is played game. King ball is about enjoying yourself and a little bit about competition.

King ball is a very fun game to play. You will love the game king ball. If you play king ball you will  realise it is the best game ever. King ball in my opinion is a great fun game to play with your friends. I have seen all kinds of people play king ball. So next time when you play king ball enjoy yourself.

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