Tuesday, 23 February 2016

King Ball

King Ball Is A game where you throw a soft big ball to try to get the other teams out. There are four squares and you're in one of them each square is a team so there are four teams if you get hit in your square then you are out but you're not completely out you can go on the outskirts and try to get a ball that someone has missed  and goes out then you throw at the other squares. If you head shot someone there out if you do it three times your whole team is out. If your whole team gets hit with a ball at the start of the game you pick a King and Queen there purpose is that if your whole team is out they try to stay in but if they get out your hole teams out. If you get hit by a ball and don't go out if someone sees you CHEAT and tells a teacher/parent there whole team is out. King ball is a very fun game if played fair and right it’s great to play this game in schools because it's a fun enjoying game so if you’re bored grab your friends and play some King ball.

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