Monday, 15 February 2016

Kingball get ready to smash

Image result for rubber ballKingball is a fun game to play. You don't need a lot to start. All you need are some friends who don’t mind being hit by a ball and a trusting parent or teacher to judge. Kingball is a fun way to get your anger out on a friend without hurting each other.    

The game kingball is very easy to get organised. It has little equipment just your hands and a rubber ball.  Throwers are limited to a small square delegated to their  class. There are four squares for four teams. They aren’t allowed out of them. If you are hit you  go out of the square. but you can play from the outside. The equipment list is short. Some cones and a pile of rubber balls. The other equipment you will need is a hat and sunscreen. After that you will be ready for the game and the hot sun. One more thing you need to get ready for is for an ultra pummelling from your friends.

Image result for big rubber ballKingball can only be fun if you follow the rules. The rules of the game should be really easy to follow. But to some kids it is really difficult either because they don’t care or they want to disobey the rules for fun. There are lots of rules of this games. But I'm going to tell you the ones most important to me. There are no head shots, Stay in your square and the most important is to be honest when hit with the ball in any way.   

Playing a game of kingball is really easy. You just need to know how to throw a ball and who you who want to hit.

So you are not picked on by more experienced throwers you need to know how to throw the ball. The other reason is that you will be able to help your classmates win the game. The other thing you need to know is who you are throwing at. So you don’t hit the teachers or your friends! If you use this tips your kingball game will be fun and thrilling. But if you don’t use this tips t be ready to be smashed!!     

Kingball is a fun game to play. If you get organized, learn the rules and get ready to smash. Kingball is a fun and thrilling game to play.   

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