Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Kingball is a game which is similar to dodgeball. But it has a big twist. In this game you have to use your physical ability to have fun and score big points for your team. If you follow the rules then the game will be fun for everyone. But if you break a rule it won’t be as fun for your class/team.

The game has specific rules to play and it has consequences. For Kingball you need to be really organised.You have a plan so you don’t get out by a kid younger than you. The rules for kingball are NO HEADSHOTS mainly because we don’t want to hurt someone. If you get hit make sure you go straight out of your square instead of staying in and thinking that someone didn’t see but someone actually did see.

If the referee sees the cheating in the game the referee will make your class sit back down in your square. But if you did go straight out at start then you are able to still have lots of fun. And still be able to play outside of the squares while everyone else gets smashed in the inside of the squares.

That is the game of king ball SO remember these things NO HEADSHOTS at all and try not to ruin the game for everyone so remember the rules and what to do hope you have fun in your next game of Kingball.

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