Monday, 15 February 2016



Kingball is a fun and active game. You keep on moving and there is hardly anytime to stop. If you are fit, have great aiming skills and can dodge like a pro, then kingball is the game best suited for you, but don’t worry if you can’t do any of that. You can still run around and enjoy  and I bet you, the game will be just as fun.

For kingball you will need two types of equipment. A ball and some cones. The ball is used to throw at people so make sure it is a soft one. There is also no limit to the ball so you can have as many as you want. Just make sure you have more than 8. The cones are used to mark the outline of the boxes in where the team will be placed. You will also need a referee or an adult who watches the game to make sure that everyone plays by the rules. The referee/adult  might also need a whistle to call out or stop the game.

Kingball is a really entertaining game IF you play by the rules. Not following the rules can get you and your team disqualified. The rules for kingball are, no throwing above the shoulders, if you catch the ball then you are not out, do not step in the marked area unless you are playing in there, do not take balls from the inside area if you are out and if you get hit by the ball you have to leave the box and play from the outside. If you follow these rules then you will become a kingball hero.

Before you play kingall you will need to set up the game. You will need a medium to large square outlined with the cones. Then you need to divide the area into 2 or more parts depending on how much teams you have. To play the game of kingball, you will need a big bunch of people. Divide the players into 2 or more teams and place them into their boxes. You will also need some extra players standing on the outside of the marked area so they can hit people at the beginning of the game. The teams will have to decide a king and queen who will then stand in the outside corner of their box. They will receive one ball each and stand there waiting until they are called. The extra’s will receive a ball as well. The game will begin when the whistle is blown by the referee and then the extra’s will start throwing the balls to the people in the box and start getting them out. As the game proceeds people will get balls inside their area and they can use it to throw at other people or use it to block and protect themselves. If all the players are out in your team, then the referee blows the whistle and the king and queen come and play. They have to hit other teams and also dodge the balls approaching them. The first team to get everyone out including the king and queen loses. Then they come back and sit in their box and wait for the round to finish. The last team to get out wins and then the referee scores all the team points depending on the place they finished.

Kingball is a super fun, easy and active game and it could be just the one you were looking for. Just follow these rules and you will become kingball pro in no time.

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