Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Kingball is a sport Requiring a minimum of 2 teams and 3 players in each team.
You need to be competitive and collaborative to ensure that you will win 1 flaw you make within the rules, your team is out, and I mean out out .

    In Kingball attitude really determines altitude. That’s what it is in all sports even if you loose you will be noticed and possibly congratulated. Aim far go far, kill the limits. If you believe in yourself and others this is a game for you.  

    The rules of kingball.
You get hit and you play on the sideline, I believe this is to discourage cheating, you get out you still get to play, not be left out. The king and queen play on the sidelines until their team is out, then they play. They play just like the rest but when they get out their whole team has to sit in the playspace and wait for the game to end.

    How to win.
you have probably figured out how you win but…
To win you have to outplay all other teams until they are out.

Seams simple enough? Let’s play!  

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