Wednesday, 17 February 2016


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King ball is a game that boys and girls can both play, it also requires to have the right equipment if you want to play 
it right, you might want to 
choose a lot of people because then your team will stay longer in the game. Teamwork and communication is very important in your team.

The equipment you need to play this game is a lot of squishy balls, 4 teams or more and cones. The rules are of this game are, that you also must have a king and queen before they start the next round, if u get out then you can go out and get balls and attack other teams, when they whistle blows you have to duck down, if you get above the waist then you don’t go out the person who through it has to go  out.

Also remember the rules and be prepared for anything so follow the rules and have fun.

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