Monday, 15 February 2016


Kingball is a game like dodgeball with a huge twist. There are Kings and Queen dodgeballs thrown everywhere. People running around in circles trying not to get smashed. Also there are the people that just enjoy the moment and the people that cheat.

You need to be organized to play kingball. You need cones, dodgeballs,teams and a referee. You need to to make a big square and make 4 even squares in the bigger square. Then put the dodgeballs in a pile.Image result for dodgeball headshot

In every game there is rules. In kingball there is a king and queen that are your extra life, when everyone is out. When you get hit hard or slightly you go out. When you are out you are still playing because when the ball go out of the square you can get people that are still in. If you cheat your team has to sit down. The points system is first place 10 points, second is 8 points and third is 4 and last gets 2. Also no HEADSHOTS.

Play the game right or you won’t be able to play. So now play get your throwing arm and aim for the that person you don’t like and smash him or her.

Image result for pointing face
Kingball is like dodgeball with a huge twist. There are kings and queens, dodgeballs and teams. Remember Don’t cheat!!!  

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