Monday, 15 February 2016


Kingball is a super enjoyable and lively game, it requires an awesome attitude and great sportsmanship towards others. The best way to learn how to play is by playing, so have fun and give it your all!

In order to play this game, you will need cones, soft and squishy-balls and 2 or more teams, you would have to set it up as if each team gets a box to themselves. You also need a way to get everyone's attention when needed, whistles may come in handy. Sometimes, you would need more equipment if there are more players so think ahead and prioritize.

As you play this game, not only will you pick up skill and agility, but you will also pick up the rules and strategies. Being honest is a key rule, staying in your box and going out when you get hit is apart of the package. When a whistle is heard, that means you bob down while the person in charge speaks, if you are cheating in the game, that means that your teams will have to sit down for that round. Remember to hit below the shoulders, play fair, don’t cheat and have fun!

To play Kingball you have to pick a queen and a king who don’t play until the end. To play Kingball, you will need to give the queen and king from each team a ball each which they could either use at the end of the game or pass to one of their teammates. If you get hit, that means you are able to go outside the squares and grab any balls that are out of the boxes and throw them at the other teams. Then the people running the game will randomly throw balls for you to catch, once the whole team is out, the people running the game would catch everyone's attention. That means that your king and queen come in, they then have to try and avoid getting hit by the ball. If they get hit, your team will have to watch the other teams compete and rotating to other squares throughout the game is totally optional.

Remember that in order to play, you must be honest and have great sportsmanship. Have the right equipment, listen to the people in charge and be prepared for battle. Follow the rules and have fun!

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