Monday, 15 February 2016



Kingball is a game where it requires you to play fairly and work as a team.Here’s how to play!

Getting organized: When you play Kingball you need to get everything sorted out. To play you need four squares each square for each team, you also need a reasonable amount of players and soft balls.

Rules: You need to sort out a king and queen for every round between your teammates, play fairly if you get hit by a ball then go around the outside with a ball and try and get the other teams out but if you’re still in stay in between the cones.

play the game: Playing Kingball requires you to collaborating with your teammates, be honest if you got hit by a ball so you don’t let your team down. When you throw a ball make sure you focus on you target so there’s more of a chance of you getting him/her out, Remember next time when you play Kingball “plan before you play!”

basically Kingball is about collaborating with your pairs in your team and make sure to be honest if you got hit so you don’t let down your team and make sure you’re organized before you play Kingball.

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