Monday, 15 February 2016


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Kingball is a fun game to play with other classes and maybe with your friends. The   aim of the game is to try and get your class to win, by throwing balls at them, without cheating.

Before you can start playing Kingball, you will need the equipment for it. To play Kingball you need cones and some squishy balls. A good place to play Kingball is in a nice open area. If you want to play kingball you will need enough players to fit in four boxes.         
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The rules should always be followed when your playing kingball, or it could be you that makes your whole class sit down. If you want to win a round of kingball, you need to play fairly or your class could be out of the round. After you have chosen a King and Queen, you need to make sure they stand at the corner of the box. If you get hit by a squishy ball you need to exit your box straight away, and go and play from the sideline. There’s one other rule, no head shots, because that could hurt someone.

After you know all the rules and the equipment you need, you can start playing Kingball. It’s a very easy game to play. To start off your class needs to choose a King and Queen, because they'll come in handy later. If you want to last for a while, you need to try and avoid or dodge all shots that come at you. If you get a ball, you need to throw it immediately, but
still try and hit someone. If your class wins the round you will receive some points, and that will hopefully put your class on top.

That’s it, so now you know the rules, the equipment you need for it and how to play Kingball. You can play Kingball for as long as you want, so long as it’s okay with everybody else. When you play Kingball, remember to have fun.

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