Sunday, 7 February 2016

Regan Richardson

hi i’m Regan I was born in new zealand middlemore hospital, I love playing xbox and being on a computer, I love going swimming my fav food is watermelon and banana we do lots of trips to tairua in the holidays to see our cousins because we haven't seen them in a while it’s really fun. There is lots of swimming holes one of my fav one is one with a big rock in the middle that u can jump off when I was about 4 we went to perth to see our grandpa and grandma then when I was 8 we went to niue to see my dad work friend my mum’s name is Rachael and my dad’s name is Jason + I have 1 brother named Cole. don’t play much sports but my fav sport is soccer we went on camp with the school when i was a year 6 and I was used to it because when it’s christmas we go camping on my dad and mum's friends farm.
I born on march the 24 2005 i’m 10 tuning 11 and i am five years younger than my brother so he is 15, my mum is 40 turning 41, my dad is 42 turning 43    

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