Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The boy who needed a change

The boy who needed a change  
There was once a young boy you had quite a terrible life. Ever since Conner was a young boy, he thought that he was different. He was never been able to remember what he has done, it is like his memories were swapped while he was sleeping. Conner can’t have a normal life because of this he has to be monitored every second of this life. He hates his life because he has to be watched and he can’t do what other kids can do and this makes him feel like he has no future because he can’t make normal decisions and most of all he can’t go out in the world and make mistakes. Conner tries non-stop to get out of this life he has tried begging, threatening, and even tried to flush himself down the toilet to escape. After all the failing Conner just gave up and started to just lose interest in life.

Image result for wolfOne night will Conner was sulking in bed the window suddenly opened and shoot rays of light at Conner and he started to change in ways you could not imagine. Fur shot out for his body, his eyes grew large and so did his teeth! He became a fearsome werewolf and started to run a muck in the city. he tore up cars, clawed the walls of houses and hurt his watchers and everyone you ever hurt him. Something strange happened as Conner was tearing up cars the sun came up and Conner did not change back into his human form he just turned into a wolf and walked off down the road. This was what Conner had been waiting for a break for his normal life and instead live a life of adventure and danger. Conner lived his life for many years without any problems. He became the leader of a wolf clan by day and a werewolf king by night. If you read about Conner to this day, you would know that he is a legend.

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