Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Man who locked people up for no reson

Once upon a time there was a police officer named Matt, he was just driving along until he sees a crime scene, “oh no a kid has fallen over”
Matt says I better go and help her before she gets more hurt, So Matt hopes out of the car with his lights on and puts the handcuffs on her for no particular reason, and takes her back to the police station, and locks her up in the sells when he doesn't even realise she’s innocent and has not done anything to harm anybody.

The next day

Matt is walking around trying to find any crimes until he sees a real crime scene and I mean a real crime scene were a lady was being beat to the ground by a maths equation because she couldn't figure out how much her clothes were when she was paying for all of them,and then Matt goes and locks up the shop keeper for no reason, and he sits in the cell with the little girl and they both are furious with Matt

The next hour.

Matt is in Auckland watching and being security at an All blacks game,
once the all blacks score he would always go onto the field and lock a player up until it was up to 2 players, Richie Mccaw, and Dan Carter,
And Matt yells out “Hey Reff there is only 2 players on the field, and the reff argues back “because you locked them up in jail”, so Matt went on the field and started to put handcuffs on the refs and put them in jail with the all Blacks and the shopkeeper and the little girl.

1 month later

Matt decides to let everybody in the cell go, and once he let them go they all jumped on top of him and attacked him, and for 3 months he was the one in hospital and sort of locked up in hospital because he can't move.
And that was the end of Matt and his life.And his reputation of working with the police

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