Thursday, 4 February 2016

This is who I am: Amelie

Hi I'm Amelie I'm eleven years old, a year eight and I love school (well most of it anyway). I have two siblings one ten and one seven they are very aggravating but I still love love them deep down. My mom is a beauty-therapist and my dad is a builder.
I have one dog called Indi (because my dad wanted to call her Indiana-Jones), she is a bichon cross shih-tzu, she has white fur and will do anything to make it dirty, Indi is more like a cat than a dog, she hates water, likes cat treats we get in the mail, rather than dog treats, she loves being picked up, and lying by the fire,
mom is pretty much convinced Indi is a cat, But that's enough about her.

photos I took
my favorites
my favorites
My hobbies: 
dancing gymnastics photography, soccer and collecting anything
moustache themed.

I do jazz, ballet, open jazz, and I am part of my dance schools competition trope for jazz, or some people call it  performing group.
Last year I did gymnastics but I quit to focus on dance.
My dad is the coach of both my brothers soccer teams.
To summarise me I am a eleven year old dancer girl who loves her family, her dog and moustaches!
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  1. Good wrtiting Amelie I now know alot about yourself and family, I didn't know you like photography good job.

  2. Great job Amelie! I now know more about you than I did before, I also had no idea you enjoy playing soccer.