Wednesday, 24 February 2016

This Is Who I Am

                    This Is Who I Am                                

Once I went on a ship named the Pacific Pearl it is quite amazing the insides of the ship is glowing. The pool is awesome and pretty cold.At night people sometimes put on hard waves. Also they have bingo but if you say you got it and don't you have to do the chicken dance. My granddads friend on the ship and won $1000 from bingo. The dinner there is great and free just how I like it. I met someone on the ship named Daniel I am still in touch with him.

*Building yachts
*I love playing on my computer

*I love to play clash of clans on my ipod

*Love fishing with my Mum and Dad *Love going to the beach

*I Don't like people making fun of me
*I hate getting hurt

* I hate losing games 

I have 5 members and I in my Family I have my Dog my Mum,Dad,Sister and Me.

Zac               Richard.
Zach        Mikhil.
Alex                Dan

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