Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Vishay all about me



Hello, my name is Vishay Reddy and I was born on the October the 8th 2003. So that makes me 12 turning 13. I  have black hair, brown eyes and I’m a Indian.My family consits of 4
  • Me Vishay -12 turning 13
  • Sister Shivali- 7 turning 8
  • Mum Sujata-40 turning 41 Job Teacher
  • Dad Vikash-42 Turning 43  job Self employed Fitter and turner


I was born in New Zealand, Middlemore Hospital same as sister.My parents were born in Fiji the tropical Island. So I part the FBI ( Fijian born Indian) shhh don’t tell anyone. My culture  is hindu and we celebrate diwali   and other traditions. #FBI
My favorite sport is soccer and it's just what I do for half a week. My favorite player is Paul Pogba and my favorite team is Manchester united. I’m playing for Sae (South Auckland Elite) and it's basically  best players from south  auckland. I also like to play a bit of ps4, hang out with the mate and kfc and nandos. Dream job is to work at nando's ……………………………………………  joking  becoming a pro football player.bruh.jpg

That's everything I think you should know about me if any question come and ask me.

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  1. Nice writing Vishay it was really interesting by the way you put in your dream job.