Wednesday, 24 February 2016

What I like --- Brooke


I love arts, crafts, decorating anything to do with washitape, DIY'S, photography, Paris and design. I absolutely love anything that has the pattern chevron in it. Yes people say that I am crazy about washi tape and chevron pattern but it's mostly true I think i'm a tiny bit obsessed, I have a piece of paper with chevron on my desk's pin board and decorated my book's, pens, pencils and even used it for labels. At home I used to have art competitions with my sister and cousins when they were over, I won them (well all but one when I had a broken finger). Since technology with Ms Fothergill I have loved photography and especially editing the photos. There is one stationary DIY I want to try, it's a binder organiser, maybe I could do it for high school, anyway it look's amazing and keeps all your paper's organised. Oh yeah, I love shopping too! 

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  1. Good writing Brooke I now know alot about you interests and hobbies.