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How to play monopoly!!


Monopoly is a fun board game for the whole family to play (ages 6+ 0nly),
You can play it for family fun night or just for fun, Sometimes I play it for fun with my family. As you all might know we are playing monopoly, because when you play monopoly you can rent houses buy cars get put in jail, and even buying houses, with the money that you win.

How to play and what you need.
It is quite easy to actually play, but first all you need to know first is the rules. 1 if you have landed on jail you go to jail (I will explain this later on in the story what jail is), or if you land on vist jail you don’t go to jail you just vist someone in jail. Once you have landed on something like a question mark that looks like this and they might be different colors two. Once you know the rules you can play the game, here are the rest of the rules here How to play monopoly the 2016 version.

What is jail?

Jail is like a thing in monopoly that, means that you skip a turn and the other person gets to take 2 turns and you have to wait until they have finished their 2 turns until you can come out of jail.In jail all you got to do is wait their until your other player behind you has 2 more turns, because he/she has taken your 1 turn. Even though you land on visit jail you still don't go to jail for a long time you just visit and nobody takes your turn until you actually land on the GO TO JAIL.

What is a banker?

A banker is a person a boy, girl, man or women, can be a banker that gives the players money from the bank because, they have other wise landed on the bank, or they pick up a card, or maybe they want to rent a house or a car or a dog you can rent almost anything. A banker keeps all of the money until somebody wants some money or they grabbed a card that said to collect some money from the bank. Or they can get some money to rent or buy.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

How to play snakes and ladders

How to play snakes and ladders

Image result for snakes and laddersWhat’s board game? It’s a game that you play on a board of course because it’s called a board game. What is snakes and ladders? It’s a really fun board game that you can play with your friends and family. It’s really fun to play because it’s tence, because there are snakes, and they make you slide down to the end of their tail. There are ladders that you climb up on and it takes you higher on the board.

How you play snakes and ladders. On the board there are snakes and ladders that’s why it’s called snakes and ladders. There are boxes that have number up to 100. You roll the dice and whatever the dice lands on you have to move that much on the board. If you land on a snake you have to go down the snake until you reach the tail. If you land on the ladder you go up the ladder because it a ladder of course you climb up it. It brings your friends and family because you can have a laugh with them and cangrad the person that won the game. This game takes time because their are 100 boxes. When you get to the 100th box you win the game.It was a really popular game in the old day but now it not that popular. It’s not that popular now because there are ipods and phones out.

What you need to play the game. You need 3 or more counter. And a board with snakes and ladders on it. Need one dice to roll. If you want to get the game you can go to Warehouse and buy the board game now.

Now you know how to play the game snakes and ladders you can get the game and have fun with your friends and family. Have a fun time playing snakes and ladders.
How to play Monopoly
Monopoly is a fun and exciting board game that you play with a group of friends or family. It is great fun because when you are playing you can get challenging. Make sure you just have fun and not get angry because when you get angry you ruin the game because no one has fun. It can actually help you in maths because you have to count the money when you get money out of the bank.

You will have to get every ones equipment ready. You will have to get the amount of players that are going to play so you can get the game pieces to put on the starting. You will probably want to know about the way buying things work. You will start the game with each player given $1,500 divided as follows: P each of $500s, $100~ and $50~; 6 $40~; 5 each of $105, $5~ and $1s.images (4).jpg

It is fun to play with more than 2 people but you will at least need 2 players to start a game. I would recommend playing this with your friends that actually appreciate other people winning because that way you will not get sad of them booing you. It is not always just to play the game you can also take out the money and make maths equation out them or even just play maths games and that way you will also be learning.c_10182010.gif

Now you know how to play monopoly you can play it with your friend if they have it or you already do but remember you don’t always need to play the actual game and you can learn your own maths. Monopoly is a fun and mathematical game so if you like the sound of monopoly then you can go get your own board from Toy World, Warehouse, Farmers, Kmart and more but you can not get monopoly from the online store of Kmart.

how to play monopoly

How to play Monopoly
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Monopoly is a fun and exciting board game for rainy or sunny days and it’s for anyone over 5 years old there is plenty of shops to buy it from like the warehouse,whitcoulls,toyworld and Kmart.

They have many different types of monopoly like empire,zelda,star wars,frozen for the girls and there is always the classic monopoly.

They usually cost around $40 for the classic version.This is a picture of the real game.The board cover of the

At the start of the game you get 2x500,2x100,2x50,6x20,5x10,5x5,5x1 dollars
These are the rules Each player rolls the dice to see who goes first
Then the person that got the lowest is the banker
After that the first person rolls two dice then he moves eg 2 squares if he lands on a chance card or comunity chest you have  to pick a card and if it says go to jail you miss a turn till you get a double
it is a endless game.
In the end monopoly is a great game for anyone over 5 years old  and now go play

Why monopoly is cool

Why monopoly is a good board game

Why do we Play Board games? Most people love monopoly and I will tell you why they love it monopoly is a great game to play with family.

It makes you think what to buy and where to buy it because you need to get all of the other peoples money so you need to buy properties to take people's money.

It a great game to play on wet days because it takes a will to finish. It’s a long game but it is worth it. It’s pretty cool to see your family and friend to get frustrated  because you are betting them.

Monopoly is a great game and it is fun to make you think and learn some maths. Its cool to see people get frustrated because your betting you. I think monopoly is a great game to play with family I think you should get it for yourself.  
How to play Checkers
What is checkers? Checkers is a game where there are two people playing and its player V.S player there are some counters in the pack that you bye you can get this game from the Warehouse,Toy World,Kmart and Whitcoulls this game is very fun.

Image result for checkers
So how you play. You have to lay the board out like this you can play on white or black but you need to play on the same color you can move the counter only dingle

Image result for moving checker pieces

But chose what one you want to move because you can't move back!!!
You do everything dingle if they move closer to you like this you can jump them if you get to the other side to the enemy's side you get a king which allows you to move back this is good for attacking Image result for jumping someone in checkers

It becomes a king kings can move either forward or back but you can still only do one move if you are a king or a pawn. Also most of the time this game comes with chess and droughts so you can play both game. I think this game is great for people that like learning and love chess.

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How to SkyDive

How to Skydive
Image result for skydiving
Skydiving is a sport where you jump from a plane and fall though the sky up to 120 miles per hour with nothing to slow you down but a parachute.

Image result for skydiving gearBefore you skydive you need to think about what gear you will too stay protected while jumping. One of the most essential piece of equipment you will need is a Parachute. The parachute is made of strong silk or nylon which makes the parachute perfect for floating and also slowing your fall. When you are ready you can pull the parachute chord and the parachute will deploy and slow your fall greatly and stop you from hitting the ground. You will also need a jumpsuit and protective gear like a helmet and padding. The Jumpsuit will help you tremendously in the jump because it protects you from the elements and mostly it protects you from the tremendous air pressure that would tear normal cloths off your skin. The helmet and padding helps you protect yourself from falling or rising debere.

Image result for skydivingThere are several things you need to do and know before you take your first proper jump. Before you jump you need to know how to jump properly and also how to exit the plane and final land yourself safely on the ground. Before you get in the plane you need to know how to jump and what will happen when you're up their. If you are a first timer when you jump you will have to take a tandem jump, When you tandem jump you will be connected by hip to your instructor and when you jump the instructor will be in charge of the parachute and he will also control the landing all you have to do is enjoy the ride and try and help the instructor when he needs it. Tandeming is only one way of jumping but it is the most efficient way to jump for a new comer. When you are jumping the best way to fly or glide is my by keeping  your body straight and when you want to move you have to kick your legs or position your body so you can speed down through the air. When you are ready to land and you are nearer to the ground you can deploy your parachute and slowly float to the down to the ground. When you touch the ground you should position your legs and body so you don't land on any nerves or soft muscle like your bum or back which would break or fracture when the hit the ground. Try to land on your feet so you can land the way you want to without hurting yourself.

There are lots of fun things you can do will skydiving. You can freestyle which means when you jump you can do flips and other tricks like handshakes and several different kinds of tricks like triple flips and also double flips. This are some of the less amazing or dangerous tricks . The army does some cool tricks to tandeming with dogs and they also jump with flags of their country in there legs. There are lots of cool tricks you can do when you are skydiving.     
Skydiving is a really cool sport that you can be part of which will change your whole perspective on flying. I hope that one day I can jump from a plane and feel free like a bird and I hope one day I will have the skill to do tricks.

How To Play Lacrosse

How to play squash!

How to play squash!

Squash is a sport in which two players hit a ball with a racket on a squash court, the aim of the game is to beat the other player by hitting the front wall and making the ball bounce twice on the floor before they can hit their turn.

The squash racket is similar to a tennis racket, but It’s Lighter and smaller. The ball is made of rubber and it’s hollow balls are marked with different coloured dots, they are made to bounce at different speed depending on what colour the dots are.

Squash games are played to at least 11 points, and the winning player must win by two points. Matchers are won by the first player to win three games (best of Five games). A point is scored when a player hits a shot which strikes the front wall, then bounces twice before that player's opponent hits it to the front wall.  A point is scored when a player hits the ball to high, or too low on the front wall when it hits the tin.
Squash was invented in harrow school around 1830,when the pupils discovered that a punctured rackets ball, which “squashed” on impacted with the wall.

Squash is basically a game which includes rackets,balls and a squash court with four sides, and was invented in 1830’s.

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In cricket you will need: a bat and a ball, 2 teams with the minimum of 11 people on each, need 1 set of wickets (2 wickets) or more depending on how many teams there are, and you will need an open field to play on.

Screenshot 2016-02-19 at 12.26.12 PM.png

Next thing you’ll need to know is the rules: first rule need to know is that Always listen to the referee, collaborate with your teammates, and play fairly.

Screenshot 2016-02-19 at 12.26.55 PM.png
To play this game you need a batsman, and a bowler with some fielders. What you need to do is the bowler will bowl the ball than the batsman will hit the ball and the fielders will run and try to get the ball and hit the wickets so the batsman is out, but during that time the batsman will be running to a certain point and back to get lots more runs than the other team, so that there team win’s. That’s the game.Screenshot 2016-02-19 at 12.38.26 PM.png

How a Chromebook helps our learning

How a Chromebook enhances our learning

A Chromebook is a piece of technology that will help Reremoana school learn more about the subject that we are learning and there is multiple shops to buy it from like Noel leeming, Jb hi fi , Dick Smith.

Usually Chromebooks are Chrome acer’s but sometimes They come as hp or Toshiba Chromebook but those one’s aren't as cheap as the hp and Toshiba, are usually around 6 or 7 hundred dollar’s  and there is even touch screen but that’s not cheaper than the normal Chromebook.

There is some apps that you can get to help your learning like google drive helps us with writing  and Mathletics helps us with maths  and language nut that helps us with our language and also there is a app, that you have called Chrome web store where you can get some free learning apps like screencastify just don't play bad games.Arcade Games, Video Games

In the end Chromebooks are just an amazing thing that you can buy from shops it may be expensive but don't you want us to learn it would really help us with all our learning plus they sell the normal one for only $439 dollars.