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How to Order lunch at Reremoana school

Topic:  Write an Explanation to explain to a new student what the procedure at Reremoana School to order a lunch.

Introduction (Identifying Statement)

  • What is a lunch order?
  • Great to have a Warm Lunch

Explanation Sequence 1- How to?
  • All lunch orders in the box.
  • Monitor takes the box every morning to the lunch room.
  • Where do you put the money?

Explanation Sequence 2 What?

  • Menu available.
  • Choices (Healthy).
  • M-Tea-Lunch-name examples.

Explanation Sequence 3 (Optional)

Summarising Statement

  • To order remember, food
  • Now that you know ……

How to order lunch at reremoana school.
What is a lunch order ? A lunch order is when your Mum or Dad forgot to buy lunch from the shop and needs to give you lunch so what do you do? It's an easier way to get food and a cheaper way too. If your Mum bought you a pie or some chips wouldn't you want  a warm lunch rather than a cold lunch I know I would.

In order to process a lunch order they need to be placed in the class lunch order box. The order should consist of an envelope with the money and the item you would like to purchase with the money inside. Then you take it into a yellow box in your classroom and put your order in the box. A class monitor will need to take it from the class to the lunch order room which is located near the hall.

To find a lunch order menu what you need to do is find an order slip that explains the menu, you will find this at the School web site, or at our School office School Website School Office . The lunch order monitor takes the box to the lunch order room, and then collects the box at lunch when the meals are ready.

If you want something at morning tea from the lunch order room, you bring some money from home. At morning tea you go to the Lunch order room and ask them there. If you want to complete this transaction you will need to write your name and room number on your envelope.

Lunches are great to have at Reremoana school. They are healthy, you can buy yummy food at morning tea and you can have a nice warm lunch. But remember to put it in the box.

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