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Explanation on how to order a lunch at Reremoana school

How to order lunch at Reremoana school.

What is a lunch order.

A lunch order is a lunch that we have a system for, we order our lunch from the system we have. First you need to have a lunch order menu to actually choose what you want for your lunch today. Once you have looked at the DJ’S menu then you grab any kind of envelope, you write down your name,class and the food that you want to have. After you have done that then you put the money inside (and write the exact amount or more and you do get change back) when you come to school put it in the yellow box in your class. It is nice to have a very warm lunch because it would just be a rip off if we didn’t have a warm lunch and just a freezing lunch.(Juices are meant to be cold).

How to Order a lunch.WIN_20160304_11_44_37_Pro.jpg

A lunch order is easy to order at Reremoana school, All you need is a DJ’s menu for the canteen, look at the menu and choose healthy or unhealthy food, then write down the
stuff that you want to order for your lunch and then once you’re at school put the envelope in the bright yellow box that should be in your classroom and then your lunch has been purchased and then you get your lunch back from the bright yellow box that the lunch monitor will be bringing back from the canteen. Once they have brought the lunch order box back then you can grab your lunch and eat your very warm lunch that you have ordered.

What’s on the menu

It’s optional to choose what you eat from the canteen there are pies, hash browns and even chicken nuggets, there is juice and juices as well as mosies and also healthy food like sandwiches toasties and muffins for morning tea, there are lots of yummy stuff also like mini pizza’s and pies also sausage rolls.You can choose healthy or non both are yummy still healthy or non but it’s your choice not mine but I would go for both.

To order

You need 1 envelope, the amount  of money that you need for your order for lunch.
And you need to write the stuff that you want for your order, and in the morning in class then you put it in the lunch order box. Mar 4, 2016 11:37:28 AM.jpg

And now you know how to order your lunch at Reremoana school give it a try and then you get your lunch from the canteen and trust me this will be YUMMY

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