Monday, 7 March 2016

How Bluetooth Works

How Bluetooth Works

Image result for iphonesBluetooth is a gadget that works without cables or wires. It is a gadget using radio waves to connect to any device, such as phones, tablets, or any electronic. It is a communication of technology that are in many classic products made today. Bluetooth is a way of sharing or exchanging one item from one device to another.

Image result for usb stickBluetooth is  managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, it is managed by over 25 000 members who keep Bluetooth functioning. Bluetooth was once known as “short-link,” it was then changed to “Bluetooth,” that was initiated by Dr Nils Rydbeck in 1989. Any gadget that has enabled Bluetooth can connect to another Bluetooth-Enabled device, when you enable Bluetooth, you are allowing you and the other person to share information.
Bluetooth has been around for many years, it is a way of communicating in the form of technology. It may be great now, but who knows, it could advance and become better in the future!

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