Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How the Chromebook enhance our learning

How does the Chromebook enhance our learning

What is a Chromebook?. It is like a computer but we use drive and the google world. Why do we use a Chromebook at Reremoana school well it is optional but we think it helps.   

Why is a Chromebook good to use, it is a good way to share your work with your friends so you can get feedback and feed forward and it is a fun way to do your homework. You can use define and the Dictionary. It is good for researching for pictures and information that you need. If you’re doing a presentation it is good to find information about your topic.   

Why your kids like it is it give them a sense of responsibility by looking after something that they like so the will look after it and care for it. Kids like using electronics and they think it is cool so they will learn with it. It is easy to learn with it. There is so many different sites to go on that will help them with their learning like Mathletics,Quizlet,prototec and for writing use the Dictionary and for languages you can use language nut  and Kiwikidsnews is a good website for reading.

There are so many cool websites that the Chromebook use and it's good to give your kid a sense of responsibility.  So now you know how the Chromebook works we look forward to seeing your kids making good progress with their learning.

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